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Web Services

The ATS Web Services are sold separately. The following links provide methods contained in each web service.

Contacts Web Service

The Contacts Web Service provides methods to create contact records, activity records, relationships, etc. This web service also handles login, cookie encryption/decrytption, and password management. Methods for gathering and inserting data from/into both single and multi-instance demographics tables are also available.

Dues Web Service

The Dues Web Service processes dues and subscription items for users based upon standard iMIS settings. Dues batch and payment processing methods are also available.

Events Web Service

The Events Web Service methods retrieve event information and resources from iMIS. Methods are available for registrant and guest registration and payment processing. Other methods allow for programmatically creating a new event using this web service.

Fundraising Web Service

The Fundraising Web Service provides methods to create and process payments for fundraising donations.

Orders Web Service

The Orders Web Service manages iMIS product information and reviews, shipping calculations, gift cards, etc. Using this web service, one can create product orders, manage batches, and process payments.

Drupal Web Service

The Drupal Web Service handles authentication integration between Drupal and iMIs.

Testing Data

These test records are available for testing the web services.
  • 101 - Doug Hunt L = DOUG P=D12345
  • 152 - Marcie Farmhaven L = MARCIE P=M12345
  • 195 - Mark Wilson L = MARK P=W12345
  • 121 - James Bondlum L = JAMES P=J12345 (internet set to disabled)